Sister Rebekah Anderson

Sister Rebekah Anderson

Wednesday, 22 February 2017

Fashion Week!

After PDay this week we went straight into our Scambio. I did my scambio with Sorella  Smedley! It was so fun to do it with her. We taught English together, did a pass by, and some finding together. It was so fun getting to catch up with her. I can't believe the MTC was almost a year ago! I love her because she is always searching to serve those around her in any way possible.

Then on Thursday we turned up the beat going to see Mama Repoya because it was her birthday. I love Mama. She's a Filippino and has two daughters, one 17 and one 16. They are so funny. We had fun singing karaoke together. Mama loves ABBA and the song "Girl Crush".

We tried to teach Italian this week. It's super funny. So a couple of Chinese come and then someone who speaks Spanish. Well we don't speak Spanish so trying to teach Italian can be a bit difficult when there's no language in common. But I realized how much Spanish I have forgotten.

Friday was a miracle day because we got to see the family Castro. Ah! They came in at perfect timing, our plans had cancelled and so we called them and went over to their house. (With brownies of course because Fratello Castro is obsessed with brownies.) They had papusas (if that's how you spell it) and our favorite type of juice. It was just a really good time with them! Then we also got to see Milagros who take care of an old lady and for the first time ever this old lady was aware. Usually she's pretty out of it. But she was there and I loved seeing this cute little old lady laugh for the first time in ever.

Saturday was a great day. We saw people at the last minutes notice but that was nice that they were willing to work with us. We went to a party at the church for a one year old and it was fun! We got... well I got to know the members a bit more and they are so fun! That night I also got to see a couple of young women from Muggi├▓ so that was fun! Then we got to see the family Lastra and I love seeing that family. The kids are just absolutely adorable and so good!

We taught the Guastella family this week of course! They are getting so excited for Rachele’s baptism and so are we! They are even inviting family from out of town and Gian Luca might be getting the priesthood too. It's going to be such a beautiful time for their family! You wouldn't believe the change they've gone through. They have overcome such big barriers to get to where they are now.

We also met a family named the Scotto family. Not too much to say besides the fact that we sang hymns accompanied by a guitar and their little boy just couldn't handle the temptation of sugar and was straight up caught eating the sugar by the spoonful. It was so funny.

Monday we met with our new investigator Marilena. She's from Honduras and we were planning to teach her the plan of salvation. Turns out that was the perfect lesson for her at that time because someone in her family just went into a coma. Just even the fact that we called her was a tiny miracle in itself because she had wanted to talk to us when she found out but didn't call us because she didn't want to bother us.

Then yesterday I finally met Fernando and Eglyda. They have the cutest baby ever. Eglyda is from Brazil and Fernando is Italian. They are so ready to get baptized they just have to get some things sorted out first. We had a party for FHE that night too. It was a lot of fun! We usually play games and eat food and it's always a lot of fun. Except if you lose the game more than twice you either have to dance in the middle or you play statue and people get to move you however they want.

Today's PDay was seriously so funny. Sorella Williams and I have been waddling around Milan because we started a new work out program in the morning. We went to go see the Monumentale cemetery which is incredible! And we happened to just walk into fashion week. They had a little presentation building that we got to walk into and see some of the things and get free magazines. Haha it was so funny to see people look at us with our worn out shoes looking like polygamists. It was seriously just such a fun day! Oh and to top it all off, we went to the Chinatown here in Milan.

It's been such a good week. I'm so grateful for the people here and their willingness to open their heart. I love how we can laugh and cry together. I love how willing they are to put Christ in their life first. They sure do know how to love.

I love you all!

Also P.S. We made good friends with a guy from Napoli because he owns a burger place! We went to this place for two days straight!

(Someone needs to teach these Italians how to eat a burger. In the restaurant, eating our burger, everyone was staring at us like we were crazy. Then we realized everyone else was eating their hamburger with a fork and knife. They probably thought we were barbarians. You could tell who had been to America though because there were a few Italian people eating it with their hands.)


Monumentale Cemetery 

 This cemetery is so crazy!


 This is Rachele Guastella. 
She will be getting baptized in a little under two weeks!

Fernando and Eglyda 

 FHE - I have no idea why he chose the statue option