Sister Rebekah Anderson

Sister Rebekah Anderson

Wednesday, 22 June 2016

3 Months Down

You know I could really take a bacon cheeseburger right now, haha.

Wednesday- We went to Lucca. This city is pretty cool because it's a city that has an old wall that's built around another little city in the city. It's kind of in the mountain and it's super beautiful. It was fun to walk around on top of the wall.

Thursday- We saw Sorella Carpita and ran a treat by the Fiorelli's (a family in our ward/stake president). We then had a lesson with Cosetta. She's an amazing young woman. We taught her the Restoration and set a baptismal date for her to pray about. She's amazing and so sweet. Then going home there were so many people in Pisa! They have this thing along the river where they light candles all along the Windows of the houses that are along the river. It looks like Christmas lights but it's actually real candles. It was cool to see it for a little bit even though it was really dark when we saw it.

Friday- We had a Zone training and it was our last time to see President and Sorella Dibb. They leave to go home on the 29th and then the Allen's will come. They've done a lot for the mission and in their testimonies you could tell how they served with their full heart. Then we taught Ersi and Eni. We let them practice bearing their testimonies in the chapel so they wouldn't be so nervous on Sunday because we have invited them to bear their testimonies in church. I'm so proud of them and it was a really good lesson.

Saturday- We did some finding and have some really good potentials that we will meet with. We saw Anna and taught her about the importance of praying, reading your scriptures, and going to church. We explained how it will help her to be happier and how it will give her strength throughout the week. It was an exhausting but great day! Sorella Visconti and I get along great! We can talk about anything and we always have little funny things to laugh at. It seriously is a blessing to laugh.

Sunday- Church was amazing. Ersi bore her testimony in church and she did amazing! Sacrament meeting was just great! Flora came and we didn't know if she would. We were so happy to see her walk in. There were lots of tourists today. So they needed translators in Primary and Young Women's for the third hour... so I was left to translate for Young Women's. I got the general idea so I guess that's what counts. Church was good though. I'm understanding more and more every week. Then we taught Rosa and she's already in Alma! She has lots of good questions and thoughts about the Plan of Salvation.

Monday- We had district meeting and it was really good! This is the last week before we get our new mission president and so we are really focusing on rededicating ourselves to the work. We saw Ersi and Eni. And we met Babcar. He's from Senegal and he's really awesome. He said he was seeking for eternal life. This really impressed me because usually everyone is looking for how they can be blessed in this life but he has a wider perspective.

Tuesday- We did English class and a lot of finding. The cool thing about finding is that is really gives you the opportunity to see the Lord's hand in this work and how He answers your prayers. We met Thomas at the park and he truly was an answer to our prayer. We were on our way home from finding and I was just thinking "okay Heavenly Father I know you can answer my prayer but it's your will". Despite that I knew if we didn't find someone I would be a little bit sad. Lo and behold, we met Thomas. He is from Cameroon and he said he's always wondered why there are so many different Christian churches. Heavenly Father hears our prayers.

Wednesday- We went to Portovenere. It's so beautiful and the water is crystal blue. It's on the Mediterranean Sea. This is the place where Pesto came from so we bought by far the best Pesto I've ever tasted. I could eat it by the spoonful! It tastes almost like there's cheese added to it. I could've stayed there all day! Now we will head over to the Di Ruscio's for dinner!

My thought for this week is from The Book of Mormon. It's found in 3Nephi 13:19-21.

19  Lay not up for yourselves treasures upon earth, where moth and rust doth corrupt, and thieves break through and steal;

20  But lay up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where neither moth nor rust doth corrupt, and where thieves do not break through nor steal.

21  For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also.

I really like this because we can set our hearts on things of the world but one day we won't have these things. Materialistic things are great but in the end they won't bring us true happiness. I can see that more than ever since I've been here. There are people in the most humble circumstances but they are happy because they treasure their family and their knowledge of the Savior.

I love you all and miss you lots!

Sorella Anderson

Cutest Sister Missionaries Ever !!

All the little candles that lit up Pisa

Last time with President and Sister Dibbs

 Eni playing with my hair

Lucca, Italy

How perfect is this
Le Sorelle
Portovenere, Italy
It's so beautiful! 
We were able to get so close to the water 
and I
just wish I was on vacation!

Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Probably one of my favorite weeks!‏

Thursday- We saw Joy and it was good to see her. She always just makes you smile. Haha. While Joy was away for a second, Sorella Visconti pointed out the biggest spider I have ever seen! It was bigger than a half dollar I would say. It wasn't moving so we thought it was dead. We turned around to grab a camera to take a picture and bam! It was gone! Needless to say I was on the edge of my seat after that. We also had our first family night. It was a huge success! We watched a little Mormon message with a spiritual thought, played games, and ate food! Everyone had lots of fun with the games and we found some people who are interested in meeting with us! We were able to go home happy with all the blessings the Lord has provided us with.

Friday- We ate dinner at the Goris and taught them the plan of salvation. Sorella Gori bore a strong testimony of the plan of salvation that I really loved. We met some nice people on the train that helped us take our bikes on and off the train. Other than that just a usual day of missionary work!

Saturday- We were able to see Nonna and give her a "jar of sunshine". It has lots of little happy thoughts for her to read when she gets sad. I think she really liked it! Then we taught Flora and she read the Book of Mormon with us! She's never wanted to do it before. It was an amazing lesson. The Spirit was strong and she was able to express her questions and worries with us. She also told us how much she liked church. I love being able to see her progress!

Sunday- We had stake conference in Florence. It was really good! We had an Area Seventy there. He is super funny and I loved hearing him speak. We had a new member Madonna and her nonmember cousin, Cozzette, sitting with us. It was truly amazing. During the conference, Cozzette told us that we wanted to take the missionary lessons. It was amazing and so I'm super excited to start those with her! I was also able to see Sorella Lo Russo from the sorellanza and so that made me super happy too! We stayed in Florence for a scambio(exchange). It went really well!

Monday- We finished the scambio and Florence and came back to Pisa. We were able to see Ersi and Eni. Then we saw a new investigator we have. Her name is Diana and she has three sons that are 10, 8, and 5. She and her husband with her kids live in humble circumstances but despite this her children are always smiling. She is an amazing mom. Her work has prevented her from going to church but she's tried to teach her children about Christ herself. She's a miracle for us and we were able to teach her the Restoration.

Tuesday- We went with a family in our ward to help the 13 year old, Aurora, with her English because her test is on Wednesday. Then we had dinner with the Di Ruscio's and taught them about the Sabbath day!

In John 6:67, Christ asks his apostles "Will ye also go away?". At some point in our lives everyone will be asked this question. Will we leave Christ and all He has to offer us? Our answer will depend on the strength of our testimony that He is the Christ. There maybe obstacles that are in our way. Whatever they may be, they can be overcome as we strengthen our faith in Christ and truly strive to follow Him. This week has been amazing. I have lots of hope for the weeks to come!

I love you all and miss you bunches!

 Hey Look, I am Samuel the Lamanite in Lucca !!

She's Always Saving my Butt

Who Wants Fresh  Garden Snails?

First Family Night a Success !