Sister Rebekah Anderson

Sister Rebekah Anderson

Thursday, 31 March 2016

March 31, 2016

Last Thursday-
I got to go to the temple which was awesome! I went with my district and it was so nice to be together because we always have fun. It was a nice experience where everyone felt peace. It was our first real P day and we loved it! We still had class that night but that's okay! Our teachers are awesome and always make it fun! Especially when they share experiences from their missions in Milan.
Friday- This day I was feeling a little stressed out. I missed everyone and I was frustrated with the language. Surprise, you don't become fluent in 2 weeks. Haha. I wish I could just sleep on my Italian dictionary and learn everything through osmosis. Then, one of my teachers gave a wonderful lesson centered on Christ. It was so amazing that after, no one in my district wanted to leave the classroom because the Spirit was so strong and we didn't want to lose that. 
Saturday- Sorella Mckenzie was feeling kind of sick so we stayed in during exercise time so she could rest and I did some exercises in the dorm. Not much really happened on Saturday.
Sunday- This day was completely amazing! Elder Ballard came to speak to us and it was so awesome. The thing I love about Easter in the MTC is that it was completely Christ centered. I wish I had time to tell you guys everything but looks like you'll just have to read my journal when I get home:)
Monday- So this was a very funny day! We got 2 new "investigators". It's just funny to see how you can make mistakes in lessons. No one is perfect especially when you've only been speaking the language for 2 weeks so you just have to laugh at yourself. Really hard haha. We got an amazing story from one of our teachers that confirmed my faith that there are people out there waiting for me. My teacher taught a lady whose son was inactive and had moved. But he would always ask "Mom, have the mormons called for me yet?". It is really just so important that we reach out to everyone we meet. We don't know what trials they may be going through and they may just need a friend or someone to talk to. I know that the Lord has prepared people who will need me to help them bring them unto Christ. 
Tuesday- We did service this morning so the morning was all rushed. Funny story, if you ever had me rap chat you (little snap chats of funny stupid raps) I was telling my district about it. I was playing basketball with Sorella Lo Russo and Perkins saying a little rap chat, granny shot the ball and it made it in the hoop. That made my day haha:) In the choir we sand "Praise to the Man". Something that struck me hard while singing this is "sacrifice brings forth the blessings of heaven". As we sacrifice things and make Christ our priority the blessings of heaven will be unleashed for us. Through sacrifice we are able to come closer to Christ and our understanding of what Christ sacrificed for us is deepened. 
Wednesday- We taught TRC which is where we teach real members that speak Italian. This was so amazing! I wanted to express all my feelings because I loved these people so much. It gave me a renewed desire to learn the language so that they may know of the love Heavenly Father has for them. We hosted new missionaries that day too. It was so fun showing them where their room and classroom is! I loved it! But I am so glad I brought a duffel bag as my carry on because it is so hard to juggle 3 suitcases!

Here are so Italian phrases for the week:
"in la bucco di lupo" It is translated in the mouth of a wolf but means good luck.
"sirena" means mermaid
My district says "oh balena" all the time which means oh whale!

I love you all so much! Miss you too!:)
Until Next week,
Sorella Anderson
                                          Love This !!
                                          Sorellanza at the Temple
                                           Bekah's District at the Temple
                                            Bekah with Sorella Smedley
                                            Happy Easter !!
                                            Such cute Bunnies
                                            So much fun!

                                            Lots of laughter ! Love it!!

Thursday, 24 March 2016

Pics from Week One

                                                     Happy St. Patrick's Day
                                                        Trip to SLC for Visas
                                               Look Bekah has a missionary nametag!!

                                                             Crazy Utah weather

                             Anziano Ridd was laughing so hard from Sorella Smedley's story.
                                          Provo Utah Temple across the street from MTC

March 24, 2016

My camera broke so I don't have many pictures (I will probably just get another small camera at the MTC store)  and I don't know if the other Sorelle will remember to send my them but at least I have the picture of my district.

Saturday- We were so giggly this night in class. It was a Saturday night and we had class but it was a lot of fun! I had so much fun with my district just laughing and getting to know them better! We were coming up with funny phrases such as "fantisco storia fra" (cool story bro) and "ci ciao" (buh-bye). It was just a great day in general!

Sunday- It was amazing! It was pretty busy but I loved it. We had the temple dedication which was just in the Auditorium. It was awesome to witness. A cool thought: we did the Hosanna shout on Palm Sunday with over 1,000 missionaries. We went on a temple walk and I cannot tell you how amazing it was to get outside the MTC! We never really see the mountains because they are hidden by the buildings, our classroom in the basement, and construction is outside our window haha. Relief society was so amazing! It was taught by a sister who left to Milan on Monday! I'm in the choir, which is a huge shock for anyone who has heard my loud and awful singing voice haha. But it's tradition for the Italianos. Plus, I'm not going to be the companion who holds the other one back. 

Monday- I played volleyball during exercise time. It's a lot of fun. Definitely not competitive. We don't keep score but it's fun to play it with people who are going to Thailand and people from my zone. This was a day full of funny and crazy stories from everyone. I wish I had time to write them all to you but I guess you guys will just have to wait 18 months to read my journal haha. This night we went around as a district and shared our favorite scripture and why we liked it. I loved doing that! These sisters are seriously amazing! I am so grateful to have 5 more weeks with them! Oh funny thing: I saw an Elder walk straight into a pole. It was so hard to not just bust up laughing! He ran smack dab into it. We made sure he was ok but I was holding back some serious laughter.

Tuesday- 10 of us missionaries had to travel to Salt Lake to the consulate for our visas. For all of you in Utah you know that the rain turned into snow. We had to wake up super early. And since it was nice weather none of us had serious coats but we all had rain jackets besides the Elders. They were probably even colder than we were. Then we got a little lost and had to walk through puddles and snow to find the lady we were supposed to meet. We were COMPLETELY soaked haha. Then afterwards, we stopped at the Judge Cafe. We got brunch since our packed lunches got ruined by the snow. It's half off for missionaries there. It was delicious! We had the devotional that night and it was very good! Also choir practice!

Wednesday- The major thing for this day was that our lesson with our "investigator" went so well! I knew that Heavenly Father was really helping me with the language and to teach by the Spirit because it was what I had been praying for. Questions that I had thought to ask before came into my mind and I wasn't worried about that language. I didn't feel like the language barrier affected our lesson at all. So I am super grateful.

I have so many good and spiritual thoughts this week. It was hard adjusting to the sleep schedule and sometimes you are just so tired. But it's good because then bed time is your favorite time and you fall right to sleep. I have received answers to my prayers. I encourage everyone to look up the video "Mountains to Climb" by Eyring. It's a mormon message about the Atonement of Jesus Christ. I am out here to be an instrument in the Lord's hands. I am confident that I am where I need to be right now. I love you you all! Thank you for the Dear Elder letters and anything else you may have sent me:) 

Until next week,
Sorella Anderson

                                                      This is my zone!
This is my district! The Sorellanza! This is who I am in class with everyday! The four on the left (including me) is who is in my dorm! From Left to right it goes: Sorella Mckenzie, Anderson (me haha), Perkins, McCormick, Smedley, Lo Russo, Fife.

March 18, 2016 - First Letter

Hey guys! I'm alive! Today isn't my P-day but I can write to family to let them know I am okay.
So here is a summary of the past few days:
Wednesday- It's true that they only speak to you in your mission language haha. It's kind of funny because you only understand half of what was being said. We had little workshops and Milan missionaries whose visas got delayed were here to greet us. It was rare that any missionaries were here to greet us. BUT cool thing is that the next batch of Italian missionaries comes before we leave. 
Thursday- I woke up with my companion and the other girls in my room and we went to yoga. (Yeah, I know I  hate yoga.) They have classes every morning at 6am for sisters. But my comp likes it and plus it was our only opportunity to exercise that day. I'm not going to lie I laughed a little when I couldn't touch my toes but it wasn't completely awful. haha. Then we just had class that day, met with the branch presidency, and studied. We study and really are in class all day!! But I loved meeting with the branch presidency and getting to know everyone in my branch better.
Friday- Today! We actually taught our first "investigator" today... in Italian. It was a bit of a struggle and sometimes it was frustrating that I didn't know the word I wanted to say but we got through it and regardless we felt the spirit. We also had exercise time today which I used to play volleyball and run a mile. Oh yeah. This morning we went to kickboxing. It included a lot of squats haha. I don't mind though. I need them haha. 
Okay so my companion is Sorella Mckenzie and she is as my district calls her a ray of sunshine. So my favorite joke is that I'm going to get a tan. Really, she's the best! She's a hoot, always happy and smiling and just willing to do anything. She is allegic to pretty much everything including fructose, onions, lactose, and garlic. So that's going to be rough in Italy. My district has 7 sisters in it. We like to call ourselves the Sorrellanza, which means sisterhood. We are all going to Milan. Then there is one other district in our branch and they are all going to Rome. In that district there are 4 elders and 4 sisters. They all rock. I'm exhausted by the end of the day. By 8, it gets hard to keep my eyes open. By 10:30, I'm so exhausted that I have absolutely no problem with falling asleep. A few funny things you guys will enjoy. At 10:15 it's quiet time and they have an intercom that says it's quiet time. It just kind of cracks me up a bit because it sounds so robotic. 
Here is what I love about the MTC so far. I have learned so much about loving people. We have had a few workshops on loving people and it's just so amazing. Even with my pretend investigator I just felt so much love for her! The feeling is unreal. Today one of my teachers showed us this scripture D&C 138:56. It talks about how we were prepared for this calling before we came to earth. It gives me so much peace to know that. Even at times when I am frustrated with myself because I just want to be fluent already, I have been prepared for this. I can do it! 
Some of my favorite phrases are upla which means oops and farelo which means just do it.
I am learning so much! I l love you all so much and you are all in my prayers! 
My P-days will be on Thursday so that's when you can expect to hear from me again! 
My official address is:
Sister Rebekah Kay Anderson
2005 N 900 E Unit 112
Provo UT 84602

Io voglio bene! 
Sorella Anderson

Bekah's Mission Begins March 16, 2016

                                          Italy is about to fall in love with Sorella Anderson

                                              Pics at Provo Temple before MTC Dropoff

                                         Arrival at MTC - Three minutes to say goodbye
                                         Sooo excited the day she has been waiting for.
                                         Mom was excited to see all the missionaries

                                         . . .and just in the blink of an eye she is off and her
                                         mission begins -  Sorella Anderson is amazing !!!
                                         (fyi - Sorella is Sister in Italian)

Monday, 14 March 2016

Contact Information


MTC Address:

Sister Rebekah Kay Anderson
2005 N 900 E Unit 112
Provo, UT 84602
United States

Italy Address:

Sister Rebekah Kay Anderson
Italy Milan Mission
Via Antonio Gramsci 13/2
20090 Opera MI