Sister Rebekah Anderson

Sister Rebekah Anderson

Sunday, 16 July 2017


Here are the top 7 favorite things of the week!

1.    Someone cancelled on us so hard. Everything kind of fell through. Our scambio was cancelled, so we had to cancel one of our appointments and then the other appointment that we didn't cancel cancelled on us. Everything turned out perfectly fine though because we ended up being able to go and teach Chiara. We taught her the Restoration and it went so well! The spirit was so strong and you can tell her faith is increasing. Before we started the lesson we were talking about something that had happened that week with the father of her baby that made her super anxious but then as soon as we started the lesson she started to feel peace. All those nervous feelings left. She even said that she was starting to think about baptism. We saw her twice this week and the other time her friend Denise was there. I LOVE DENISE! She is so funny and so supportive of Chiara. She expressed that she has been feeling a bit lost lately and they resolved together to come to the next church activity since they were so sad they missed the Picnic we had. 
2.    We had the ward picnic. That morning we were a bit nervous and anxious because we weren't sure what to expect. But then we figured it will turn out fine and no matter what happens the thing that is important is that people feel welcome, make new friendships, and enjoy their time. It was so cool because a man who we usually play soccer with brought his sister and her family. They really enjoyed it. They agreed to come to soccer and that we could show them a little video of Christ there. They were super nice. People are always so interested in what 20 year olds are doing here in Italy for such a long time away from their families. 
3.    We had scambio with Muggiò. I was with Sorella Roloff who is from Salt Lake City too. She is so cute and we had a lot of fun together even with being yelled at by a grumpy lady. That evening we had a really good lesson with Abigail and Edda. It was my last time seeing Edda because she is leaving to Greece for awhile but it was a good lesson to end on. I felt like I was able to be a bit more bold with her and she with us. She has a lot of love in her heart and she truly does want well for everyone. 
4.    We had Zone conference. It went really well! Sorella Fife and I gave a training but my favorite training was from Sorella Allen. She taught us about the sacrament and about how the best time to start preparing to take the sacrament is right after you take it! The sacrament is my favorite part of the week because especially as a missionary, you are always doing things for other people. This is the one thing you get to do for yourself. You get to renew YOUR own covenant. 
5.    We had a concert outside our window this week. It was a Jazz and Blues concert. It was pretty good too! It was fun to listen to it for a while but it didn't stop me from passing out that night. I was way too tired!
6.    We played a good joke on the anziani and dumped some water on them as they were passing under our window. A couple of them expected it of us too much but we got Anziano Harris pretty good! 
7.    We sang the National Anthem with Gabriele from English class. He also brought his GIANT American flag and we hung it up while we discussed the history of America. 

Okay I love you all! I'm all out of time but everything is going well over here in Italy! 

Miss you!

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